Product Suppliers

Are you a professional producer or supplier for one or more of our displayed products?

Are your product is good enough and valid for exporting but you don’t know how? Or your low experience or capabilities inhibits you from exporting?

Just apply to be one of our product suppliers and save your time and effort for innovation in your product

Service Suppliers

Are you a proficient company or even individual having sufficient experience and skills in performing one or more logistic services in the supply chain of exporting process?

If you do so, apply to our service suppliers department and be one of our challenging team to provide our customers with an excellent service in a suitable price and accurate timely manner.

Affiliate program

Earn money with TARGETPOINT affiliate program.

Spread the word about TARGET POINT products and earn money

Earn high commissions and grow your business by promoting TARGET POINT products to your contacts, visitors and customers.

Distributors and Agents

As we always have new and competitive products, we constantly need distributors for our products worldwide.

Grow your business by joining Target Point Distributors and Agents Programs and gain benefits of our competitive incentives.

Handmade drop-shipping

This program allows the resellers to dropship handmade products only.

How it works?
1- Select your favorite products from handmade gallery department
2- Add your preferable profit margin
3- Sell it through your channels (social, blogging, ebay, …..etc)
4- Order it through TARGET POINT website with your special price.
5- TARGET POINT will ship your order to your customer directly.

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