Who We Are?

We are TARGETPOINT Company for Export Management, Importing, Market Research, and international marketing based in Cairo, Egypt.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Identifying International Market for your Product or Service.
  • Locating customers overseas for your Product or service.
  • Preparing, negotiating and handling all communication,
    documentation and shipping logistics.
  • Traveling overseas to meet with potential customers.
  • Setting up appropriate distribution channels.
  • Exporting your products on behalf of you.
  • Importing your needs from the best international markets.
  • Planning and doing international marketing campaigns for your product or service.

Our Goals

We aim to introduce to our customers the most competitive products/services from the best verified suppliers in one platform area, to save their time, money and effort.

Our Vision

To be Egypt’s number one company in Export management and one of the worlds’s leading companies within the next 5 years.

Why you should choose us over our competitors?

  1. We just choose our overseas customers from countries where we are the most competitor.
  2. We optimize your product/service requirements from a wide variety of our best suppliers on behalf of you, therefore, you can save your time, effort and money.
  3. We follow up your satisfaction about our product/service via our post-sale support department.

Our Philosophy and Policy

Our policy is to achieve our objectives gradually in several stages; each stage has its own services. This stage is the first stage and concluded in Exporting, International Marketing and Market Research objectives

Our Exporting & International Marketing Philosophy

We manage the export process for the selected products in Egypt.

We source our products from our extensive range of guaranteed and verified suppliers, so we can choose the best supplier and best offer for our overseas customers.

Our exporting system is divided into two programs:

  • Exporting our products directly to our customers which sourced from our verified and audit passed suppliers or the customer can choose an offer from our other verified suppliers ( Go Global Program Subscribers).
  • With Go Global Program Target Point will play an intermediary role between the customer and supplier to ensure our customer satisfaction. Also, in this case the customer can choose either Target Point to export his order on behalf of the supplier or directly by the supplier himself.

Our Market Research Philosophy

We can customize a market research for our customers upon their needs and priorities to minimize the cost of the comprehensive market research

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